6 New Aussie Podcasts To Get Stuck Into Over Winter When You CBF To Get Out Of Bed

new aussie podcasts 2021 june

The weather’s turning and winter is very much here, which is a great reason to just stay inside where it’s nice and warm, and get into some new podcasts. I’m sure it’s no surprise that the last year of assorted lockdowns has resulted in a shitload of people deciding to get their creative energy out by chatting into the void (or with a co-host or two on Zoom), so we thought it’s about time to sift through the masses and dig out some new Aussie podcasts you should wrap your ears around.

Maybe all you want to do is burrito yourself up in blankets and listen in on someone else’s conversation for a bit, or you want to cram some new knowledge into your skull while you’re out for a brisk walk in the crisp morning air, or pottering around the house doing some gardening, or soaking in a big bubble bath. However you like to listen to podcasts, sometimes it’s nice to hear from home (instead of three white American men shouting about nothing in particular).

From the classic fave true crime and spooky stories, to tech, to understanding the complicated shitfight that is local politics, here are a bunch of new (and new-ish) Aussie podcasts to devour over the colder months.

1. Queens Of The Drone Age

Four women talking tech in a way that doesn’t make you feel dumb as hell for not knowing the ins and outs of the latest phone model, or why everyone’s talking about cryptocurrency and the moon. Hosted by Angharad Yeo (Good Game Spawn Point), Rae Johnston (NITV), Amanda Yeo (Mashable) and Tegan Jones (Gizmodo Australia – one of us!), the podcast has been running since the start of 2021, and delves into all the pockets of the tech and online sphere.

From tech reviews, to Internet culture and its embarrassing moments, online conspiracies, automated cars, and big company announcements, Queens Of The Drone Age is like having a cuppa and a chat with your whip-smart older sisters who are halfway through building a computer to game on.

2. The Culture

A new one from Osman Faruqi (7am, The Saturday Paper), which has him taking a look at the world outside of daily news – less politics and more film, music, TV, books, art, and streaming. You know, the culture of the world around us.

The Culture has been created out of the realisation that his 7am listeners were also keen on an accessible approach to topics outside of what-politician-is-screwing-us-over, done in a “smart and engaging” way.

A podcast he’s been wanting to make for a while, and if you follow Os on Twitter, you’ll know he’s plugged right into the arts and culture conversation and isn’t afraid to dig into the broader issues and discussions that surround the kind of creative content we love to watch (or love to hatewatch, if it’s MAFS).

“Long-form, engaging cultural criticism is something we desperately need more of in this country,” he said.

“I’m stoked we’re creating something new in this space.”

3. Old Boys Club

For those of us who struggle to understand Australian politics’ unending chaos (and not the fun kind), Old Boys Club is your weekly gateway into figuring out exactly wtf is going on at the head of the table. Hosted by Justine Landis-Hanley (ShamelessNY Times, Guardian) and Matilda Boseley (Guardian), every Friday is a dive into what the hell went on that week in Aussie politics, and why you should give a shit about it.

“We wanted to start this podcast because we know what it’s like to care about politics and know how important it is, but feel like you just missed the train,” Justine and Matilda told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“There is so much jargon and history that you often need to follow what is happening in #auspol, and it excludes a lot of people – especially young people – from engaging in politics.”

4. Indigenous Ghost Stories

There’s no doubt in my mind that true crime and spooky shit is something the vast majority of us love to dive into, especially in podcast format, and especially if it’s about our own backyards. NITV’s Indigenous Ghost Stories is exactly that – launching into the deep relationships that First Nations people have forged with country and the land over generations. Turns out that also involves communicating with spirits on the other side.

A four-part series (which I’m deeply hoping will make a return soon) will have you right on the edge of your seat as different First Nations people recount their gripping stories of connecting with spirits on the other side.

5. Do You Still Like Me?

Have you ever sat back with an old friend (or a new friend, or some total random) and thought back on all the bullshit stupid things you did when you were younger? No? Just me? Well, just me and also the two women behind the mics on Do You Still Like Me? A conversational podcast between long-time friends Jase and Ree, where they pry open their little teenage trauma boxes (where we keep blue mascara, Year 5 talent show auditions, and that time we tried to bleach our own hair) and sift through all the shit they did when they were kids.

Bad boyfriends, fucked-up crushes, impulsive moments, and entirely cursed days, this Aussie podcast has it all.

6. Good Bitch Pod

I’m pushing the “new” rules here, but Good Bitch Pod is too good to not be shouted out. Hosted by Jules Rangi and Jodie Clarke, this Aussie podcast is like a one-stop-shop for millennials trying to navigate all of this and then some. The girls tackle everything from sex and dating, to self-esteem and how to be a Good Bitch to yourself first and foremost, weaving in personal stories and anecdotes, mistakes we should all learn from, and heaps more.

Utterly hilarious shit from two supremely hot women? Now that’s a podcast, baby.

Go on, grab your headphones and check out of your own life for a bit – there’s so much to dig into here.