Australian Netflix Customers Have Been Getting Hit By Billing Errors

Despite their huge success in launching on local shores, it’s worth keeping in mind that Netflix are still (at least technically) a new operation in Australia, employing new people working on new systems. Inevitably, there’s going to be a few teething problems here and there.

Unfortunately one such problem seems to have reared its head over the weekend, with billing errors plaguing customers virtually across the board.
Two errors have cropped up, with existing customers either being repeatedly charged for monthly subscriptions, or new/existing customers have issues with current and active credit cards being denied. The complaints have been coming in thick and fast on Twitter.

Customers investigating the error themselves have found out from their banks that it appears to be an outage or fault in Netflix’s billing system, though the streaming giant still seems to be working on the issue, which at the time of writing remains current.

They are working on getting refunds and credit back to those customers affected. But in the meantime, it’s for the best if you keep an eye on your shit.
Photo: AFP via Getty Images.

via SMH.