Australia Still Leads The World in Drunken Plane Rage

Today’s story of a drunken Aussie doing our nation proud by utterly disgracing himself on a commercial aircraft comes courtesy of Etihad Airways Flight 470, which had to be diverted yesterday due to one passenger’s very bad behaviour.

The Australian report that around 40 minutes into a flight between Singapore and Brisbane, an “apparently intoxicated Australian passenger” – the first two words of that phase being somewhat redundant a this point – flew into a rage.
The man, thought to be in his early 30s, had reportedly been behaving oddly since before the flight boarded. A fellow passenger told ABC News that he had “hassled” several couples in the departure lounge, and appeared to be “off his face”. 
He was reportedly taken aside by staff before boarding, but was allowed on the plane anyway, where he began to attack passengers and crew after takeoff, and even ripped a TV screen out from the seat in front of him.
“He assaulted one of the male flight attendants and then guys on the plane just pinned him down and held him down and restrained him,” an eyewitness said of the ensuing scuffle.
Passenger Rob Metaich stepped in to help, and was bitten on the arm for his trouble. “I don’t know what was going on with him, maybe a bit of substance abuse, he was clearly drunk.” The worst bit? “It’s my birthday today too,” Metaich said. Dang. 
The plane was diverted back to Singapore, where the loose unit was escorted off, and passengers were able to make the return trip to Brisbane in peace.
This last incident incident occurred mere weeks after another Aussle legend grounded a Qantas flight after attempting to steal scotch, and broke through four sets of plastic cuffs as staff attempted to restrain him.
This is a shining day for our nation.
Photo: Patrick Riviere via Getty Images