Australia, Come And Get This Beast Of A Golden Gaytime Cake

ALRIGHT GUYS. The pinnacle of Australian baking has been reached. And contrary to popular belief, it was not not via Women’s Weekly cake book.
It was this:

That heavenly creation is a 60cm long Golden Gaytime cake, made by master baker extraordinaire Jasmin Hartley of Cakes Glorious Cake Bakery for a friend’s partner’s birthday. 

“Originally he just wanted a Golden Gaytime flavoured cake,” she told PEDESTRIAN.TV. “So I said, ‘Why not make it an actual giant Golden Gaytime’?” 
It took six hours to make, comes complete with a paddle pop stick, and is a solid reason why Ted Moseby should have married Victoria in Season 1 of HIMYM, because this is what knowing someone who is really, really good at baking gets you. 

Here’s how she did it:

“First I made a vanilla and caramel cake for the vanilla white section in the middle. Then I made some honeycomb, broke that all up in my food processor, and added that to buttercream to make a honeycomb-flavoured buttercream, and spread that all over the cake. Then I made a chocolate ganache, which I then spread over the top of the buttercream, and then I broke up lots of little biscuits (Arnott’s Malt-O-Milks) to spread out all over it.”

It is, right now, the only giant cake creation Jasmin has produced – her bakery doesn’t produce them on the reg – but some fast-moving chap has already asked her about a Cherry Ripe cake, and she’s 100% keen to try more / more / whatever-the-hell-takes-ya-fancy cakes.

RRP: About $140 but tbh worth it. Ask her (nicely) for one at
Images: supplied.