ATTENTION: Kim Kardashian Has Ditched The Blonde & Is Now Pretty In Pink

Stop the presses, Kim Kardashian had ditched her iconic platinum blonde locks in preference of something a little bit brighter just one day after confessing to fans that she’s “over” her blonde hair.

Damn, talk about a quick mover.

“Heeey guys,” Kim begins, like she does with EVERY SINGLE VIDEO THAT SHE’S EVER POSTED ONTO THE INTERNET. “Do you like my new pink hair?”

And you know what Kim? Everyone very much did.

She also laid any doubt to rest for those who thought it wasn’t real, claiming that wigs aren’t really her thing.

Kim first debuted her blonde hair last year at New York Fashion Week last September, and since then has had it in all sorts of styles, however recently she claimed that she’s pretty fkn done with being a blonde.

But it looks like all good things must come to an end, we’re wondering whether Kris Jenner‘s decision to go blonde had anything to do with it…