Rihanna & A$AP Rocky Are Rumoured To Be Dating, So Alexa Play Love On The Brain

Rihanna A$AP Rocky

WELL, if the rumours are true, longtime mates Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are dating. Please let the rumours be true. Please. 

The blessed duo first sparked relationship rumours after Rihanna split from her boyfriend of three years, the billionaire Hassan Jameel, back in January.

At the time, The Sun jumped the gun and said Rihanna had moved on with A$AP in January, but a source quickly told E!News that this wasn’t the case. Perhaps The Sun was manifesting the relationship, can’t blame ’em.

Fast forward to yesterday when the gossip mongers over at Page Six published a yarn about the pair grabbing dinner with some mates on Saturday night.

That only fanned the rumours even more, leading to this latest bit of news. Sources have confirmed to People that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are dating. Grain of salt, obviously, but People is usually on the money with these sorts of things.

RiRi and A$AP have know each other for yonks. A$AP opened for Rihanna for the US dates of her Diamonds world tour in 2013. The rapper also featured on her track Cockiness.

In July of this year, Rihanna featured her (rumoured) boo in her Fenty Skin campaign. The pair even embarked on a bit of a press tour for it, taking part in videos for Vogue and GQ.

In the videos, Rihanna and A$AP asked each other questions about how they take care of their skin. They also asked each other random questions like, “What is your favourite curse word?” A: Fuck.

In the GQ video, A$AP talked about working with Rihanna and his answer was just a tad cute.

“I think the hardest part about working with you is not goofin’ off and laughing the whole time. Like this shit is comedy,” he said.

“That’s the hardest part. You know, people be so cool it’s hard not to, not to laugh. That’s all. But it was fun. The hardest part is not having too much fun. You just forget that it’s still work at the end of the day.”

Oh, they’re so dating.

Honestly, I felt like such a third wheel watching this.