Apparently Chloe Kim Was Thrashing Some Cardi B During Her Gold Medal Run

Anyone that’s run on a treadmill while listening to the Rocky theme song can tell you, music really does make all the difference when exercising.

I mean, obviously you need to be dedicated, train hard and aim to be the best you can but honestly, is any of that possible unless you’ve got some phat beats blasting in your ear?

Olympian Chloe Kim has revealed what tunes she was listening to when she stole the show at the 2018 Winter Olympics halfpipe competition and took out the gold medal off the back of a blistering 98.25 run.

According to NPR, Chloe cranked Lady Gaga’s classic ditty Paparazzi on her first run, forgot what she was listening to on the second and then brought it home with Migos’ bop Motorsport, featuring Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

I can’t think of anything more motivating while I’m competing on the world stage than having Cardi B in my ear telling me to ride the dick like a BMX, inspirational.