Antoni And Jonathan From ‘Queer Eye’ Seem To Be Instagram’s Newest Couple

Antoni Porowski

While we have no idea exactly what’s going on, Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness appear to be Instagram‘s newest cute couple, after Antoni shared a photo of them kissing in the back of a car.

“I guess Amurica’s birthday’s our anniversary, babe,” the Queer Eye cook said in the caption of the photo, sending his comments section into a literal goddamn meltdown as a result.

“Why is he playing with my heart like this?” asked one follower. “Is this real?” asked another, mirroring what appeared to be most people’s reaction to the news.

I mean … IS this real? It it some kind of prank or publicity stunt or (more likely) some kind of sponsorship deal yet to reveal itself?

Whatever it is, the lads are treating it seriously, and have even started their own couple’s Instagram account.

They’ve been insufferably cute on the account all day, calling each-other “bae” and posting shots like the below image of Antoni feeding JVN some sort of large candy bar for breakfast.

The most recent pic shows the new couple brushing their teeth, captioned “sleepy time getting ready for bed with Bae.”

It remains to be seen whether Antoni Porowski and JVN are actually dating, because this seems very sudden and the Instagram account has the whiff of an elaborate prank about it.

Still, if they are together, then congratulations, and if not, we can’t wait to find out what the heck this is all about.