ANTM Unveils Gaffe Prevention Strategy

Sarah Murdoch entered the schadenfreude hall of fame last year when she announced the wrong Australia’s Next Top Model winner in a mishap now witnessed by over four million people on Youtube. The error spawned countless international headlines, two winner announcements, one perfectly executed facepalm and zero mercy for long-serving ANTM production company Granada, who were promptly Donald Trumped following the mistake.

So then, how do we avoid a similar calamity this year? One word – stationery. Employing the traditional M.O. for announcing when someone has won something, this year’s victor will be written on a piece of paper which will then be sealed in an envelope for Murdoch to open and read. No earpieces, no little birdies, no possible road to error town. Easy right? Besides the accuracy factor, we appreciate that pausing to open an envelope is far more dramatic then pressing your index finger to your ear and slightly nodding your head.