Anna Wintour Does Letterman

There’s a fish out of water charm in watching Anna Wintour spruik RJ Cutler’s oft-compelling and surprsingly revealing Vogue documentary The September Issue whilst on the Letterman hot seat. She is after all, seated in the same chair as an army of B-Grade rappers, C-Grade comedians and D-Grade reality television contestants before her and on more than one occasion serves as the target for Letterman’s acerbic wit. I quite like that equality.

Despite that incongruity a media trained and affable Wintour does her best to parry Letterman’s playful ridicule and dispel the totalitarian persona perpetuated in the media and emulated, most famously, in The Devil Wears Prada. She fares surprisingly well. In fact I almost find her endearing. When asked about her transcendent personality Wintour reels off a frightful list of disparaging monikers: Ice Queen, Sun King, Alien fleeing from District 9 and Dominatrix before concluding: “I reckon that makes me luke-warm royalty with a whip from outer space’. Self-deprecation? Really? Who’d a thunk it? Perhaps she’s human after all.

Check out the teaser video below…

Via Gawker

Main Image: Stan Honda via Getty