Anna Faris Gives Fans Blow-By-Blow Of Day In Her Life W/ Bonus Chris Pratt

This isn’t the time, nor the place, to harp on about how social media enables its users to share the minutiae of their lives (the time and place for that is 2006 and the Boring Takes Bin, respectively). We get it. The internet allows regular ol’ humans to blast others with boring detritus on a continual basis. 

Celebrities, though? Welp, let us tell you: their lives can be just about as pedestrian as yours, even when they’re gearing up for a massive movie premiere. 

Anna Faris attempted to prove as much with yesterday’s arbitrary Tweetstorm, ahead of the Los Angeles press screening of husband Chris Pratt’s film Guardians Of The Galaxy. Was it moderately glam? Sure. But when you’re surrounded by that kind of swish-ness, we suppose it all blurs together. 

Faris opened proceedings in typical fashion:

Not typical: actually living with Pratt, an apparent yoga aficionado.

Apparently things were so normal, she had to dig into her photo gallery to break it all up.

Various forms of plumbing and plumbing-related activities followed.

A late breakfast ensued. Just imagine being in her position, and still subjecting yourself to raisin toast.

More gallery-snooping, of the cutesy variety.

Aaand back to the showers.

Cop a squiz at the time on that one above, and then clock (heh) this follow-up. 

Outfit decisions!

The Glass Menagerie!

It was at this point her mates and beauty pros started to rock up. We admit: somewhat more glam than our lives, here.

This, however, is definitely something we’d struggle to comprehend.

Lil’ mate taking advantage of the outdoor facilities seems like the kind of thing that’s better saved for his 21st party, but you do you, Faris.

Even choosing things to wear under a fancy get-up is an ordeal.

Remember that tweet about leaving at quarter past five? Well…

Sure, they’re in a swish ride here, but come on: being stuck in traffic is the same for everybody.

In any case, they bloody well made it in the end.

When the gang actually landed on deck, they wound up talking about their senses of taste. We can only assume Faris says her tastebuds are “fried” due to that raisin toast, but we’ll probably have to wait for the next tweet bombardment to confirm that fact.

Now, we’ll let you get back to barreling through the endless reams of content on your various feeds. May the pool maintenance guys you find there be friendly, too.

Source and photo: Anna Faris / Twitter.