An Awful Lot Of People Pirated ‘Game Of Thrones’ Last Year

We’re big Game Of Thrones fans around these parts, as you’re probably aware if you perused our esteemed list of Pedestrian’s Favourite TV Shows of 2014. We know that an awful lot of you like it, too.

In fact, Game Of Thrones is so massively, dick-shatteringly popular right now that it was torrented approximately 48.3 million times last year – that means there are more Thrones files floating around on hard drives out there than there are people in Australia.
Variety have today released a list of the top 10 most pirated shows of 2014, and Thrones comes right at the top, just ahead of its nearest competitor, The Walking Dead, which was pirated 47.6 million times.
Brazil is the biggest illegal downloader in the world, with 28.4 million overall torrents, followed by Russia, with 28.1 million, India, with 16 million, Australia, with 15.4 million, China, with 14.9 million, and America, with 14.4 million.
Given our population compared with those other countries, it’s safe to say we’re punching way above our weight when it comes to stealing shit from the internet.
Last year, a lot of people were also keen to find out how Ted Mosby finally met the damn mother, make Supernatural gifs, and delve into whatever the hell Suits is about. The most pirated shows of 2014 were:
1. Game of Thrones: 48.369 million  
2. The Walking Dead: 47.642 million 
3. The Big Bang Theory: 33.431 million  
4. Arrow: 29.296 million 
5. The Vampire Diaries: 22.921 million  
6. Supernatural: 21.201 million
7. How I Met Your Mother: 20.282 million  
8. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 16.334 million 
9. Suits: 14.910 million 
10. The Blacklist: 14.211 million
We’re not accusing you of anything, gentle readers, but those  15.4 million torrents didn’t download themselves.