Amy Schumer Cuts Gun Scene From Upcoming Movie After Orlando Shooting

Last weekend’s tragic shooting in Orlando, that saw dozens of people murdered in Pulse nightclub in a targeted, homophobic attack, has caused Amy Schumer to reconsider some creative choices around her latest film. 
Schumer is currently in Hawaii, filming her yet-to-be-titled new project, a mother-and-daughter kidnapping comedy, in which she stars alongside The First Wives Club‘s Goldie Hawn
E! News report that Schumer has chosen to cut a scene from the movie in which a character fires a gun at others, allegedly in response to the violence in Orlando.
Little more is known about the scene that was cut, but Schumer does have a personal connection to America’s wave of gun violence, with two people shot and killed at a screening of her movie Trainwreck last year.

At the time, Schumer made a speech alongside her cousin, Democrat senator Chuck Schumer, who had proposed a bill to try and introduce tougher background checks for prospective gun buyers.
The actress and comedian remains outspoken on the subject of gun control:

Source: E! Online.
Photo: David Livingstone / Getty.