Alexa Chung Nabs TV Show

Alexa Chung is many things. The object of many a girl crush (see any blog that covets femininity, tulle or tea), a style icon responsible in part for the rise of nerd chic, serial band dater, owner of a killer set of pins and now the host of her very own MTV program.

The Associated Press reports: “The Alexa Chung Show” will be a mix of celebrity talk, music and online interaction with viewers. The stakes are high; it’s the most important of nine new series the slumping MTV has in the works. The midday series begins June 15.”

“We just all really fell for her,” said David Sirulnick, MTV’s executive vice president for news and production.

“The show will air one hour a day,” Sirulnick said. “but for the other 23 hours we want viewers to be engaged with Alexa and what is on the show.”

For those unfamiliar with Chung’s work, watch and learn below…

Photo by Stephen Lovekin via Getty