Akon Has An $8.7 Billion Plan To Build A Futuristic, Cryptocurrency-Run Utopia Called ‘Akon City’

Seemingly out of fucken nowhere, Akon got granted a multi-billion dollar contract to build his dream city – a cryptocurrency-run, futuristic metropolis called “Akon City” – in Senegal. It’s just….what the fuck is happening.

The massive city development contract comes after Akon got the agreement for the city to be formed “on Dakar’s shore” in Senegal in January, which feels like a lifetime ago.

Having a squizz at Google Maps, there are actually two spots called “Akon City” – one in the middle of Dakar, and another up the coast in the Thiés region, so we’ll keep an eye on where this futuristic hub is actually going to pop up.

The Senegalese-American singer posted a mock-up of what he wants his own city on his Instagram this week, confirming that US engineering firm KE International signed off on the massive contract. Would you just take a butcher’s at this one, hey.


Mr Lonely’s Akon City will run on his own Akoin cryptocurrency (definitely not a red flag there) and PRWeb reported the project has already locked in about $4bUSD from various investors.

It’s also reported that Dubai-based developers will work on the architecture of Akon City, and the building will “dance on the music of Akon to celebrate” and the city is part of Akon’s plans to “move Africa into the future cryptosphere” and pave the way to “real crypto-wakanda”.


The city’s website is certainly something, and gives a bit more of a look into what Akon’s city is predicted to look like, which will certainly put Senegal on the map.

It’s also got some wild renders of what the cryptopolis (??? I guess?) will hopefully look like.

Check out this sleek and svelte skyline.

akon city

And whatever the heck this is.

akon city

Want a bird’s eye view? Sure, here you go.

akon city

I truly cannot wait to see how this turns out. Someone start the stopwatch for how long it takes before Akon turns it into a sovereign state and calls himself King Akon.