Airbnb’s Sydney Office Is So Freaking Magical It Has A Secret Door

Secret bookshelf room, cozy beach bungalows, glam kitchen space and whiskey bar in the bathroom: as far as office spaces go, Airbnb‘s Sydney spot takes the cake. After touring the vast and epic Google HQ, complete with rock-climbing walls and sleeping pods, we were inspired us to delve deeper into the world of cool office spaces, and who better to include in our mission to find Sydney’s most fascinating office than the frontier of hospitality and technology: Airbnb Sydney, which was opened this past February.

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Founded in San Francisco in 2008 by Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk (who converted their loft into a bed and breakfast to afford rent, genius), Airbnb now has over 60 million users in 192 countries. Every office of the online accommodation rental site is carefully designed with purpose and creativity, and the Sydney office is no exception. Designed by Sydney interior designers The Bold Collective, it’s fkn amazin’.
Walking into the office is a true Aussie experience as you are greeted with a mini AFL footy pitch as soon as you step out of the elevator: 
Every meeting room is modelled off an actual Airbnb listing somewhere in the world – and the intricate detail put into each space is incredible.
Here’s a look at the first meeting room, ‘Kangaroo Valley’:
Designed to look like a listing in Upper Kangaroo River, NSW, this meeting room contains locally-sourced materials and is a fkn cool mix of urban buzz and rustic outback life. 
The next meeting room, the Havana room, is HIDDEN behind a (wait for it) secret friggin bookshelf door. IS THIS HARRY POTTER/ALL MY CHILDHOOD FANTASIES IRL???
Its bright, cheery interior is inspired by a listing in Cuba
Frikkin’ amazeballs. Here’s another little escape room that makes you feel like you’ve walked straight into a fancyass beach cabana: 
This room is entitled ‘Betso‘ and is modelled after an Airbnb beach cottage in Sweden. It’s the perfect lil’ place to get some important work shit done in peace – or, as you can see on the PEDESTRIAN.TV Snapchat story, the ideal spot for a snooze:
In addition to awesome themed meeting rooms, Airbnb Sydney has tiny cubbies and hideaways to snuggle up into. It truly feels like you’re on vacation.
The textures on the wall in the cubby above are so cool, it’s like being inside a sea anemone:
These little roomies are sewwwwwwwww CA-UTE, and we haven’t even gotten to the best bit: the motherfriggin epic fantasy kitchen. 
Designed to look like Sydney’s Coogee Pavilion, the kitchen is aligned with Airbnb’s core belief in ultimate hospitality and that ‘the kitchen is the heart of the home’. Airbnb hosts frequent breakfasts and events in this kitchen, and it’s equipped with endless snacks and a fancy themed espresso machine. 
Next to the main section of desks, there is a designated work/chill-out/collab area, which is intended for staff to be able to move around the office and work in comfort. The space is adorned with pineapples, which we were told are the international symbol for hospitality:
Last but not least, we can’t forget the bathrooms. No part of Airbnb’s office goes undesigned, and the bathrooms are no exception. There are bright flamingo & Mardi-Gras themed showers (to show Airbnb’s partnership with Sydney Mardi Gras):
And the men’s and women’s bathrooms are themed as a whisky bar and gin lounge respectively. Classy AF.
*Sneaks into Airbnb office and lives there forever* Seriously a dream workspace. P.S., the official Airbnb Snapchat is @airbnb.
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Photos: Supplied.