FYI: The Must-See Adam Goodes Doco ‘The Final Quarter’ Airs On 10 Tonight

The Final Quarter

The Final Quarter, the lauded documentary about AFL legend Adam Goodes, will air tonight on Channel 10.

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From award-winning filmmaker Ian Darling, The Final Quarter is a confronting documentary about the racially-driven booing Goodes endured towards the end of his career. It recently made its worldwide premiere at the 2019 Sydney Film Festival. 

This morning on Studio 10Darling said he wants “everyone to look at [the documentary] with open eyes and an open heart.”

“Just be prepared to think that maybe we didn’t get it right,” he said. “Literally, every single person I’ve shown it to – from Gil McLachlan at the AFL through to schoolkids – have said ‘Wow, I didn’t understand the extent of the booing’ or ‘I didn’t understand the enormity of the media conversation.’”

The Final Quarter will premiere 7:30pm tonight after The Project. According to the network, the documentary will be available to stream on the Channel 10 app as well.

In the weeks prior to its release, the AFL and all 18 clubs issued an unprecedented apology to Goodes for failing to take action during the booing saga. The AFL apologised unreservedly for their “failure to call out racism and not standing up for one of our own let down all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander players, past and present.”

“Our game is about belonging,” the apology continued. “We want all Australians to feel they belong and that they have a stake in the game. We will not achieve this while racism and discrimination exists in our game.”

The league vowed to never “see the mistakes of the past repeated.”

A second documentary about Goodes, The Australian Dream, will premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival Opening Gala on August 1. The documentary is written by award-winning journalist Stan Grant and will tell a more deeper and powerful story of race, identity, and belonging. The film spans a number of years, taking viewers on a journey from Goodes’ pre-draft days in the AFL to his career as a passionate and outspoken activist for Indigenous rights.

The documentary, complementary to The Final Quarter, includes new footage of Goodes as well as interviews with Michael O’Loughlin, Brett Goodes, Natalie Goodes, Nova Peris, and Nathan Buckley.