A Super-Powered Paul Rudd Is Almost Upon Us In These New ‘Ant-Man’ Teasers

Marvel are taking a bit of a gamble with their upcoming Ant-Man, hoping that the general public will embrace yet another of their super heroes on the big screen, and a relatively obscure one at that. Have they made a huge tiny mistake? 

It bears keeping in mind that nobody outside of comic book aficionados knew who the hell the Guardians Of The Galaxy were before they stormed the box office, but by sheer force of Chris Pratt‘s everyday goofy dude charisma, they made a bazillion dollars.
Clearly, Marvel are hoping for much the same mixture of action and comedy here. 
Paul Rudd‘s Scott Lang character is a petty thief who finds himself in possession of a super-powered suit and a mission to save the world, and in the trailers at least, he comes across like a hero cut from the Starlord cloth.
These two new TV spots, released in America over the weekend and coming to you now via the magic of YouTube, would suggest that we’re in for another pretty entertaining ride.
Here’s the first of the new teasers:

And here’s the second:

Judy Greer – who is crushing it in blocbusters lately after Jurassic World, also stars, along with Evangelin Lilly, Michael Douglas, Bobby Cannavale, Hayley Atwell and John Slattery.
Ant-Man is out in Australia on July 16.
via Complex