A Huge Celeb We Def Won’t Name Here Has Divided Fans W/ His ‘GoT’ Cameo

Game Of Thrones is back, and so is Ed Sheeran, baby. 

That’s bloody right. The first episode of the fantasy juggernaut’s new season has just aired, and it showcased the singer in full-on cameo mode. 

Sheeran took to the screen as a Lannister soldier, having a rest after a long day of representing Westeros’ worst house. As the bloke is wont to do, he busted out a bit of a tune, only to be overheard by Arya Stark.

In a delightfully hammy piece of fan service, Stark – portrayed by none other than Sheeran’s IRL mate Maisie Williams – comments on his little ditty. Depending on your viewpoint, his response is either a cutesy nod to his followers, or an illusion-breaking moment of celebrity worship.

If you really want to, you can check the video out HERE.

 The fella himself seems pretty okay with it all, too: 

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Some more dedicated fans of the series have noted the lyrics are drawn from a song of particular significance in the A Song Of Ice And Fire universe. In the books, Hands Of Gold was originally penned to represent Tyrion’s hidden relationship Shae, and he even whispered the words to his secret paramour when he, uh, killed her.

Whether that points to a broader significance of Sheeran’s cameo is yet to be determined, but this initial showing – which Sheeran actually explicitly revealed in a radio interview weeks ago – has already divided fans. Some reckon it was the greatest thing since Joffrey carked it at his wedding:

Others are spitting chips that a show with such ~ gravitas ~ would spend that much time on the ginger troubadour.

Like we said, we’re gonna have to wait to see if he pops up again. We’ll also have to wait for Hands Of Gold to have a full-on release – at least one punter is regrettably frothing for it.

Source: Game Of Thrones / HBO / Vanity Fair.
Photo: Entertainment Weekly / Helen Sloan / HBO.