A Collection Of Fu11y 5ick Cust0m Licence P1ates For Your Consideration

Produced in association with Custom Plates.

You’ve got yourself a car that you love dearly; it might be brand spanking new, it might be held together by hard work and gaffer tape. Whatever it is, it’s all yours. But there’s still something about it that doesn’t quite scream “ME!” enough.

The perfect solution? A personalised number plate, of course. But that’s a tricky line to walk at the best of times. Those who get it right absolutely nail it, and those who get it wrong get it so shockingly wrong. So, how do you hit that perfect mark? We’ve compiled some #platespo sourced from abroad to help you on your way to bringing home a poetic licence plate of your own.

Let’s start with the obvious. It’s simple. It’s to the point, and it plants in weaker minds the beginnings of much confusion. Does the car have a mind of its own? Has the machine become sentient? Only you will ever know the real truth.
You’ve got precious little space and only a few letters to work with here, so why not exercise a little creative licence and give people a bit of a laugh at the same time? Pop Culture references are always a winner, trust us. We’ve got a fever! 
There’s clever, and then there’s this. Don’t be content with limiting your cleverness to the written word. Think visually and spatially too, and put your God and motor vehicle registry-given faculties to excellent use with an A+ visual gag. 
A little playful irony never hurt anyone. Want to brag, but the perfect plate is already taken? Adjust a letter! It’s a great way of getting your wholly original point across whilst humbly taking a small roadblock in your stride.
There’s a reason why they call them ‘vanity plates’ in America. Have you taken out a back-breaking loan to get the car of your dreams? Differentiate yourself from the other mid-life crises, cup-of-chino sippers by admitting to everyone that, yeah, it’s a flash whip, but it came at a cost and it was all worth it.
More Pop Culture, why not! Embrace the cold heart of the Slytherin that beats deep within you and dedicate your beast of a van to He Who Must Not Be Named
Your plate doesn’t need to start and end with the letters you pick. If there’s a recurring theme here, it’s ‘be creative’. Do your research, know every inch and the full scope of the canvas you get to work with; that’s where you’ll find the magic – somewhere outside your comfort zone.
Of course, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. We get it. The surrounding plate content on this one might have been a wee bit short sighted. But yeesh.
It’s probably best to stick to Pop Culture if all else fails (like we did), particularly if you’ve chased a car to match the plate, like this one, which we’re trying desperately to reign in our childish glee over. It’s okay. Deep breaths. We’ve got thi-OH MY GOD LOOK 88 MPH AND IT’S A DELORIANSqueeeeee!
And if all of that still doesn’t satisfy what you’re looking for in a personalised licence plate, just stick to something that you love. Cheese. BOOM. Why? Because cheese. That’s why.