Who Was Going To Tell Me That Every Episode Of That Cursed Lift Off Show Is On YouTube?

If you’ve been wanting to re-live your childhood through all the absolutely chaotic TV shows we all watched as tykes, you’ll be absolutely tickled to know that the most cooked of them all is on YouTube in all its entirety. Yep, I’m talking about the borderline waking nightmare that was Lift Off! a.k.a probably the best show to come out of Australian kids TV in the 1990s.

Not even a bootleg rip from someone’s VHS copies from years ago, the Australian Children’s Television Foundation has made every single episode from the show’s two seasons available to watch on YouTube, just in case you wanted to be revisited by your sleep paralysis demon, EC the doll with no face.

Lift Off series youtube
YOU. You live in my cupboard.

I’m shook that every episode of this supremely cooked-yet-fantastic show is on YouTube for my viewing pleasure because going through all the old episodes is giving me whiplash. I’d completely forgotten about Beverley the weird plant with a single eyeball, or Rocky the frill-necked lizard, or the whole Wackadoo group of puppets that ran a café or the talking backpacks that I really wanted to own as a childe.

Or the fact that Mark Mitchell played like 700 different characters including Mr Fish and Mumsy Fish. Seriously what the fuck is this absolute chaos of a TV show if not a massive indicator of how supremely strange we all are now.

There’s a whole 50-ish Lift Off videos out there, with some episodes split into different parts, but if you’ve exhausted literally everything else or you just want to have a hell of a nostalgia trip this weekend, I suggest you re-watch this ABC Kids classic. Here’s part one of episode one from season one to get you started.

And if Lift Off doesn’t tickle your fancy, they’ve also put up all of Genie From Down Under, too.

Hell yeah, I know what I’m binge-watching for Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo.