7 DIY Activities To Crack Into With A Bunch Of Mates This Summer

With the last few weeks of sunny AF weather still kicking round you’re gonna need some activities to fill up your weekends and make the most of summer.

Besides this obvs.

If you’ve got some spare summer time and a bunch of equally bored mates hanging around, digging into some DIY is a perfect way to pass the time, and end up with some actual stuff you made WITH YOUR BARE HANDS.

Here’s 7 red hot ideas for you next crafternoon/weekend squad goals:

Build a skate ramp

What does every deadset legend need in their backyard? A fully sick ramp that can handle even the gnarliest of shreds, brah. Gather some mates (and a few VB’s) and start smashing out what could either be your best or worst idea of the summer.

Make your own candles

A slightly more grown up version of making your own goop, you get to light this goop on fire as well! Making candles is as easy as grabbing some wax and some fragment oils and seeing what the bloody hell you can come up with.

Host a backyard sports comp

There’s nothing more Australian than getting extremely competitive over backyard sports that actually mean very little. Gather your best mates, pick a sport and see how long it takes for someone to throw a punch.

Go to a free comedy night

Take your friends to a place where they get to laugh at someone other than you for a night! Open mic nights are a great way to get out and experience comedy that you might not be exposed to. Moreover, most cities will have free comedy nights at a variety of venues, and taking your friends means that you all have something to talk about afterwards.

Host an international food/ fattest feed night

Everyone gets an international cuisine or breakfast/lunch/dinner and compete to see who’s is the best. Internationally, see who can nail some of the most iconic dishes from around the world. If you’re feeling creative, see who can come up with the craziest meal that still tastes good, think things like taco lasagne, bacon wrapped burger etc.

Gather ya mates for a downhill derby

Remember that episode of the simpsons where all the kids in the neighbourhood got together to race rickety wooden cars down a dangerously steep hill. Well they weren’t lying, it’s bloody good fun. Get your mates together and construct the sturdiest/fastest cart and see who can make it down the steepest hill near your house first or without losing a limb.

Take your friends on a scavenger hunt

This can either take place at home or in a chosen location. Chuck your thinking cap on and gather a list of items that you feel perfectly captures your friendship group, chuck them the list and let the run amok. The real beauty with this one is that your friends don’t know that the real treasure is the memories you’re making.

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