17 Y.O Asks Emma Stone To Prom W/ ‘La La Land’ Tribute That Might Just Work

We’re going to call it: the only way to actually meet someone new in 2017 is to make a literal song and dance about it. 17-year-old Jacob Staudenmaier is proof of this concept. 
The American high school student has gone wildly viral after deciding the best way to woo Emma Stone – yes, that Emma Stone – would be to painstakingly recreate the opening scene to La La Land as an invitation to his prom.
The clip features some subtly altered lyrics. “Without a nickel to my name / Hopped a bus, here I came / Could be brave or just insane” becomes “Jacob Staudenmaier is my name / Emma Stone, if you came / I think I’d lose it, go insane,” which is honestly a fair effort.
And then, the dancing. The dancing. 

Speaking to Mashable, Staudenmaier said that although Stone hasn’t yet reached out regarding his invitation, he’d go troppo “a second time” if she deigned to grace the prom with her presence. 

After over ten thousand retweets and news networks around the nation jockeying to speak to the fella, it actually seems plausible that his schtick could work. If it comes to pass, perhaps Staudenmaier could deliver his own altered version of the film’s ending, too.

Source: Mashable. 
Photo: Jacob Staudenmaier / Twitter.