14 Frat Brothers Charged After Pledge Loses A Testicle In Hazing Incident

A student from a small college in Ohio has lost a testicle in a hazing ritual gone stunningly wrong … although really, when you think about it, there probably aren’t that many examples of hazing rituals gone stunningly right. This story is proof that the American college fraternity system is a terrifying place, and movies like Animal House and Bad Neighbours are all actually documentaries.

Tyler Lawrence of Wilmington College was rushed to the emergency room after he was hit in the testicles with a knotted-up towel, and fell to the ground, clutching them in pain. The incident occurred last October, but it came to light this week when 14 of Lawrence’s brothers from the Gamma Phi Gamma frat were arrested and charged with hazing.

According to police, fraternity members were taken to the basement of ‘Gobbler House’, a name that probably sends shivers down the spine of many a sorority sister. They were then forced to stuff their mouths with Limburger cheese and rub Icy Hot all over their bodies, and told to “fuck a sheep”, although the sheep was actually a ball of stuffing, which I guess is … better, maybe? Small mercies.

Lawrence was hit in the nads some time after this, and rushed to the hospital, where doctors opted to remove the damaged testicle, as well as noting cuts and bruises on the upper part of his body. He has since defended his brothers, and in an interview last November, he invoked the bronads before gonads defense, and told media that his ball trauma was just a “freak accident.”

The fraternity has since been suspended, and if convicted of hazing, Lawrence’s brothers face a maximum of 30 days in prison. Either way, this is terrible. If you’re lucky enough to have an intact pair of testicles, hold them and tell them you care.

via Gawker
Image via Universal Pictures