12 Movies & TV Shows That’ll Give You The Warm And Fuzzies During The Cold Months Of Doom

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Contributor: Tayla Gentle

We’re currently smack dab in the middle of one of our frostiest winters of all time (at least it feels that way) thanks to something called an ‘Arctic Freeze’ – personally, I reckon all signs are pointing towards the entirety of Australia just going into a deep and restful hibernation. Wake me up in October when I can leave the house without a beanie and gloves.

If you, like me, are suffering through the blistering cold and the only thing bringing you joy is all the bonds you form with fictional TV characters then look alive, because have I got some recommendations for you.


Are you a Marvel stan? TBH, I had no idea who Loki was but when I asked for recommendations on the group chat, this guy’s name kept coming up. Apparently he’s some loveable villain from the Marvel Universe, so loveable that he deserves his own series. The first season just dropped in June, so if you’re craving alternate timelines and a bit of Owen Wilson then sit your backside down on the couch. 


Did Inside Out make you bawl? Did Soul crack your concrete heart in two? Welcome to Pixar, where cartoon characters will make you feel more feelings than your last three situationships combined. This latest movie, Luca, is set on the Italian Riviera and follows a young boy and his fishy friend. Cook some pasta, pour yourself an Aperol spritz and take a visual trip to Italy. 

The Beach

I miss Thailand. I miss streetside pad see ew and coconut rice and mosquito bites and hammocks and long bus trips and cheap booze. If you’re craving a bit of paradise, I highly recommend indulging in some early Leo DiCaprio and rewatching The Beach. I mean it’s got baby Leo AND Tilda Swinton.


Sister Act

Can’t get off the couch? Don’t worry about it. Stay there. And put Sister Act on. They say one dose of Whoopi Goldberg is like getting four hours of vitamin D. Whoopi is just straight up good endorphins. 


You can’t call yourself a Disney aficionado if you don’t keep up-to-date with the live-action releases. Sure, this Mulan iteration doesn’t have Eddie Murphy as a sarcastic talking dragon, but it’s visually beautiful and is guaranteed to take you far, far from the arctic depths of Australia in wintertime.

The animated version is also on Disney+, which is handy.

The Favourite

A black comedy period piece? Sign me up. Featuring my ultimate lady crush Olivia Coleman (again, playing the Queen of England), Emma Stone (with a delightfully decent English accent) and Nicholas Hoult (huzzzzzzaaahhh!). This is a super engaging, wickedly funny and, at times, disconcerting movie. 5 stars. 

Shark Beach With Chris Hemsworth

Over on the National Geographic side of Disney+, Chris Hemsworth is looking to uncover the science behind sharks’ behaviour but all I’m looking at is Chris Hemsworth.

What keeps you hotter than a Hemsworth?

JoJo Rabbit 

Taika Waititi plays Hitler. That’s all you need to know. 

Love, Victor

Thank the lord in high heaven that there is a second season. Queer teens? First loves? High school dramas? Where was this show when we were all navigating dances and coming out and crushes? Get this on your telly, stat. 

Grey’s Anatomy

McDreamy. McSteamy. McWidow. Christina Yang. Alex Karev. Meredith Grey. If you want to hibernate this winter, a few seasons of an iconic medical drama will provide you with excellent company. BYO scrubs. 


It’s time you found out what all the fuss is about. Also, it’s time you injected a little ~ culture ~ into your miserable life. Hamilton is the Broadway smash hit from Lin-Manuel Miranda, filmed in 2016 you can now watch the show from the comfort of your living room. It’s like theatre and music and streaming combined. What a time to be alive. 

Monsters At Work

As someone who’s watched Monsters Inc and Monsters University an embarrassing number of times (think double digits for both), I can finally stay in the Scarer universe through the latest series, Monsters At Work.

All new monsters, all new shenanigans. I’m over the moon.

To keep your mitts mild, you can stream all of the above content right now on Disney+.