Behold, A Bunch Of Real People With Bizarre Talents That Even Rival Dumbo’s

Bizarre talents

Depending on who you ask, having a bizarre talent can be both a blessing and a curse. Sure, you’ll be an absolute star in your own way but then, can you deal with all of the extra attention? Tough to tell until you’ve lived it.

I for one have a bizarre talent where I can bend my fingers back so that the tips touch the back of my hand. Odd? Yes. Has it gotten me a lot of dates though? Not in the slightest.

And while all talents make someone special, regardless of how useful they are, some are definitely worthy of more attention than my busted fingers. So, ahead of Disney’s Dumbo hitting theatres on March 28th, starring an adorable elephant who can use his ears to fly, why not celebrate other people (or animals) who have quirky talents?


Holy heck, if you want to experience sweaty palms for over seven minutes, watch this gentleman successfully attempt to mosey between two skyscrapers on an actual tightrope.

This is undoubtedly talented, although the entire time I couldn’t help but wish this guy had a pair of Dumbo ears just in case he slipped, it would’ve made for a much less nerve-wracking watch.


As one of the stars in Disney’s Dumbo, Danny DeVito has already proven he’s a man of many talents but despite all of his acting credits, I find this obscure talent the most impressive of all.

Feast your eyes on ol’ mate Danny peeling an egg in the most outrageous manner while simultaneously reciting his lines – what a legend.


Alright Stephen Wiltshire is next-level talented. The dude flew over New York City and proceeded to draw the entire city by memory. What the what?

As someone who can barely draw a stick figure from memory, this is beyond anything I could possibly fathom. Keep soaring, Stephen.


I can guarantee you that my family have never attempted anything remotely as physical as this family and I’m pretty sure we never should either.

I don’t know how long it took this particular family to a) figure out they could do this and b) rehearse enough to perfect it but either way, I’m impressed and I can’t help wonder if it’s too late to join ’em. I wouldn’t even have to be directly involved as long as I could sit to the side on a lawn chair cheering them on as I devour doughnuts.


From a completely objective standpoint, this is impressive and cute but it’s not ‘I can use my ears to fly’ impressive and cute.

Still, the fact that pets have the ability to open doors is absolutely terrifying in the best possible way. Now all we need to do is teach cats how to make scrambled eggs and you’ve got yourself breakfast in bed on the reg.


Alright so the technical term isn’t cloud-surfing but permission to change the name? It just sounds so much more enjoyable and it almost makes you forget just how scary wingsuits are.

Still, the fact that any human has the courage and the talent to fly these wingsuits at ridiculous heights is impressive enough to make the list.

But, because no real-life talent can trump that of a fictional elephant, feast your eyes on the latest Disney’s Dumbo trailer if you want to see some real (not in that sense) talent:

Disney’s Dumbo will be flying into theatres on March 28th.