We Asked A Hospo Pro To Spill The Secrets To Running A Successful Wine Bar

You know what would make me even happier than going to a wine bar? Actually OWNING a wine bar. Would I have any idea what I was doing? Absolutely not, which is probably one of many reasons I do not own a wine bar. Pointless facts about myself aside, you know who actually did open a wine bar? Michael Fantuz.

He’s the owner of super sheike (imo) Mr Johnny Fishbone in Sydney’s Darlinghurst and he was kind enough to chat to us about his path to such a cool career, including studying Hospitality Management at TAFE NSW and what he discovered takes to make it in the industry.

*Spoiler Alert* He also has some pretty solid words to live by when it comes to the olde vino: “Just try it. What’s the worst thing that could happen? I don’t like it. Whats the best thing that could happen? I love it.