We Spoke To An Absolute Machine Who Started A Business While Still Studying

Imagine turning that half-remembered/ half-dreamed midnight business idea into a reality, working for yourself and getting the final say on how the business is run. What an absolute dream.

Now imagine being able to do all that, while upskilling your business expertise by studying a nationally recognised diploma that covers all aspects you’ll need for success, from management to marketing. This is exactly what Men’s Den Australia’s founder, Elyse Sinclair, did with a skin and laser clinic exclusively for men.

Elyse feels the best choice she made was enrolling in a Diploma Of Business at TAFE NSW, which is helping her refine, develop and position her business for the best chance of success. Plus, she can work while she studies.

“TAFE NSW offers a flexible timetable so I study at night and in between clients and weekends I’m working on assignments and extra study,” she says.

You might already know the basics, but the workforce is forever changing and a successful business puts in the effort to keep up. You have a busy schedule so you need a study option that’s flexible enough to fit in around it, but you always want to be fully prepared in order to stay ahead of the curve – as Elyse discovered.

“Before I actually opened I took about 18 months to write the plans for everything,” she explains. Check out her journey and all of her tips for starting a successful business below: