Questions You Never Thought To Ask About Your Meat Cuts But Really Should

5 Questions To Ask Your Butcher

If you thought picking your meat for tonight’s dinner was as easy as walking into the butcher and pointing at something, well you’re kinda right. However, the easiest option isn’t always the best. There are a few questions you should ask your butcher first to make sure you know you’re getting a quality, ethical product.

Don’t believe me? We asked Joe Maberley from Whole Beast Butchery in Sydney’s Potts Point – a fifth generation butcher and TAFE NSW alumni. I mean, the man went to Northern Ireland for the World Butcher’s Challenge – yes, that is apparently a very real thing – so it seems he might know a fact or two about meat.

Joe credits his TAFE NSW butchery studies for really honing the importance of quality, homegrown Aussie meat into him – as well as how to source it. Plus it taught him top notch customer service skills that help him share his wisdom. You can catch his tips in the video below: