How To Avoid An Endless Cycle Of Procrastination When You’re Studying Online

Online study is such a great idea in theory – flexible hours, no travel time, no annoying classmates. Yep, it’s almost perfect. Except for the very real issue of procrastination.

Admittedly, procrastination is a thing that can hit anywhere, but there’s a particular temptation to put off your work when you’re in the comfort of your own home. Does that mean you give up the dream of studying online? Hell no, it just means you set yourself up a little differently to achieve success.

Create A Study Space

You’re going to need a dedicated study area and under the blankies lying in bed just isn’t going to cut it. It could be a desk in your room, a table in the living room – whatever floats your boat as long as it’s easy to set up at and is used for all your study.

…Without Distractions

So you probably don’t want that space to be right next to a blaring television, or in a room all your housemates are running in and out of all the time. I mean, yeah the very fact you’ll be on your computer with internet is a distraction of its own, but we’re trying to cut down here.

Or Just Leave

If, like me, you know staying home is about 98% likely to distract you a lot, then get out of the house. Maybe that’s at your local park, or a go-to cafe, or the library.

Write Yr Notes Down

Like, with your actual hand. Which I personally love, but I know it’s pretty old-school of me. The thing is, it gives your tired eyes a break from staring at the screen and it’s scientifically proven to help you learn more efficiently.

Reward Yourself

It’s the practiced trick of serial procrastinators everywhere: set time intervals in which you will study, then reward yourself with a break. For example, maybe you work for 20 minutes, then spend 10 scrolling your socials before starting the cycle again.