Got A Zuckerberg-Level Biz Idea? Here’s How To Guarantee It Comes To Life

business idea

We’ve all had a moment of genius even if we, in fact, are not so genius. Sometimes the moment strikes in the shower. Sometimes it’s on our way to the daily grind. Sometimes it’s while we’re about to fall asleep. All of these times, imo, are wildly inconvenient to a potential million-dollar idea.

But that’s the way the cookie crumbles, unfortch – ideas come to you while you’re, you know, living life. So how can we sustain the motivation in a manner that brings our ideas to fruition? Well, it’s not easy but 100% doable. Read below on how you can savour that creative juice right through to execution.


Oh for the love of god please make a note of it – you’ll forget what it was as quickly as it came to you. You don’t even need a pen and paper. We have phones these days! We can record everything! Joy! But I do ask that you keep it in clear visibility. Screenshot and make it your phone’s screensaver, or fang a post-it on your mirror. Make sure you’re constantly reminded of how bloody clever you are.


So we all seek validation – it’s just like, the rules of civilisation. Truth is, once someone can confirm your idea is great you’ll feel more confident about the concept. Oh, and now you’re accountable to make a go of it. Because if you didn’t? Well, that’d be a little embarrassing wouldn’t it. It’s basically like failing on stage.

(Side note: be careful who you tell – we’re surrounded by savages who are just waiting to flog other people’s ideas. Seriously.)


Once you research your idea you’ll be able to find out if it’s marketable. If it’s not? Don’t be defeated. Find a way to alter you idea so that it can fill a hole not yet filled by another service or concept. If it is? Find out what you need to do to bring it to life, who your audience is, how much money you’ll need to save – all the logistics. Once you’ve done the groundwork it’s no longer just an idea, but the wheels are in motion.


Spending money gives you an innate sense of attachment to, or responsibility for, something. For example, it’s rare to not finish a meal if you spent good money on it, no matter how full you might be. If someone else bought it for you? You’ll probably leave a bit on the plate. I feel like even if you put $10 towards a domain name you’ve again upped the accountability for yourself. Do you know how many other things that $10 could’ve gone towards? So many. You owe it to yourself (and your wallet) to keep this motivation alive.


It’s easy to kick something off and then let life get in the way. We’ve all got jobs, relationships (of some shape or form) and general lives to maintain and that’s OK. Create a recurring reminder (daily? weekly? monthly? Up to you) on your phone so that the game-changing idea doesn’t get lost.

Remember, this is on you. If you can’t see it through the only person you’re going to disappoint is yourself. And when someone patents or executes the idea before you do? You’ll be kicking yourself, mate.