Koala Have Gone And Made A WFH Desk Which You Can Set Up In 4 Minutes

I had a feeling in my loins that Aussie home icons Koala would be getting into the WFH space, somehow. It just seemed like something they’d do – come up with a genius solution for everyone working from their not-at-all-equipped apartments, so we all don’t lose our minds.

WFH life is a given at the moment – the coronavirus pandemic is still a huge issue, and if you can work from home, most businesses are encouraging you to for the time being.

But what happens when you have a super small living space that doesn’t give you the luxury of setting up a permanent work desk?

You get one that packs and unpacks in record time, folks. The new Koala WFH desk sets up in four minutes, which is insane to me.

It’s got cable management slots, a device stand, and requires no tools for set up – so it’s ok if you aren’t flush with like, power drills.

The main benefit here, though, is that you can whip this baby up when you need it, then pack it down for lounge room parties each weekend. It’s sturdy timber, so it’s not flimsy – it can take the packing/unpacking, you know?

There’s also an adorable little kids desk if you’re living at home and your little bro is doing schoolwork on the coffee table while you’re trying to watch The Last Dance, FYI.

The Koala WFH desk is on sale from 25th May and will set you back $400, with the kids desk coming in at $300 – but you can pre-order from the 20th May, but in the meantime sign up for info here. It’s got all the usual Koala benefits – free, express delivery, a 120-night trial and 5-year warranty.

Your neck is thanking you already, yeah?