How To Decide Which Uni To Go To Bc It’s Low-Key Stressful Listening To Yr Parent’s Opinions

Whether you’re reading this as a soon-to-be graduate or even as a recent uni starter, the stress of getting into the world of tertiary learning is still pretty fresh for a lot of us. As millions of Aussie kids are currently working out what to do in 2024, we’re here to help!

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First things first, what are you into? In this day and age, there’s pretty much everything on offer when it comes to getting a degree. If you’re finding yourself pretty in-tune when it comes to singing in the car, maybe it’s a music degree? You could be spending your uni days doing anything from writing a pop hit to fronting a jazz trio. So if your parents are pushing for you to jump into business but your passion is music, maybe give a music course a whirl.

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Next up you’ve got to think about the uni vibe – some big kid schools are pretty silent when it comes to clubs and free stuff. But no matter what you’re into, there has to be something for ya. There’s Big Band groups, coding associations, and plenty more available at some unis. And who knows, once you get into the world of full-time, maybe you’ll need to represent your company in an ultimate frisbee league? You’d be counting your lucky stars if uni gave you that experience.


Then, it’s all about location, location, location. If you’re in the main throws of Melbourne, you’ll know what’s around, but while you can still choose where you’re spending every day of your life, why not pick somewhere close? No one wants to be sitting on a train for an hour for a class where all you do is play ice-breakers.

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If all this has made you start to re-suss your uni options, Monash is throwing a cool event to make changing uni preferences a breeze – the Monash Change Day is going down on Tuesday, December 12, and you can check out more info here.