A job straight out of uni? In this economy? That’s more doable than you think, according to the Department of Education’s 2020 Graduate Outcomes Survey.

This long name may be familiar to those who graduated recently and were incessantly hounded by emails asking you to fill out the questionnaire. Whether you did it or not, we now have the results.

According to the survey, the uni whose graduates have the highest rate of employment in the three years after they finished studying is ACU, where 95.% of respondents said they were now employed. ANU was a very close second, with 95.2% of respondents saying they were now in full-time work.

The survey ranked these unis the highest:

1. Australian Catholic University – 95.5%

2. The Australian National University – 95.2%

3. University of Canberra – 94.1%

4. Charles Sturt University – 93.9%

5. James Cook University – 93.8%

6. University of New South Wales – 93.6%

7. Charles Darwin University – 93%

=8. Bond University – 92.3%

=8. Federation University Australia – 92.3%

10. University of Technology Sydney – 92.2%

In terms of study areas, around 90% of medicine grads found full-time work in their field of expertise within three years.

It’s a similar story other health-related courses, too, such as nursing, rehabilitation and pharmacy.

Teaching, engineering and IT are all also relatively highly ranked when it comes to how many graduates get a job in their study area.

Among the courses with the lowest rates of students getting jobs in their fields of study are tourism and dentistry, with around half of all grads switching to other industries after finishing.

You can have a squiz at the full report, which also shows the lowest-ranked unis, here.

Image: iStock / kokkai