How To Write A Banger, With A Music Industry Pro Who Works With Peking Duk

I don’t believe there is anyone alive who hasn’t at some point fancied themselves a muso. Personally, my musical journey began with dying my hair red à la The Little Mermaid and progressed all the way through the 2000’s emo scene. My hair has been on quite the ride, guys.

In the movies, a music career is always painted as a far-fetched dream. Some unattainable pot of gold, like a seat on a peak hour train, only made true by some drunken fairy godfather Bradley Cooper. But, as sunshine child Alright Hey discovered on a visit to TAFE NSW, a job in the music industry can be a very real reality for those keen to Get. That. Diploma.

Whether you’re destined for centre stage or are more inclined to pull the strings behind the curtain, a Music and Sound Production course at TAFE NSW will see you get inside actual real-life studios, play around with industry-standard equipment, and learn from legit musos working in the industry. Like all-round nice man and teacher Tom Marland. When Tom isn’t teaching he works with Aussie heroes like Peking Duk, SAFIA and Cosmo’s Midnight on their touring live shows (dream gig, amirite?), and on his return, he imparts all of his wisdom directly into the brains of his students.

“You’re learning from some of the most current music professionals in Australia,” says Tom. “You’re getting the experience and learning about what’s happening in the industry right now whether that’s in music performance, sound production, or live production.” And in even better news, TAFE NSW is also a certified Ableton training centre (cream of the crop, gang).

So whether you wanna be a sick beats producer or a sound engineer with perfect pitch, the right course is out there. And I think Alright Hey might’ve found it for you. Give his musical journey a gander here: