Who Is Kerwin Frost, The Fashion World Darling Whose Macca’s Collab Has Finally Hit Aus Shores?

When I heard the news that Macca’s McNugget Buddies were back, I was simply thrilled. I couldn’t believe the day had finally arrived. And what a magic day this is, my friends.

That’s right, the McNugget Buddies are back — and with a fresh modern makeover by artist Kerwin Frost, no less. This means that for a limited time only, you can make your inner kid sing by walking into any Macca’s in Australia and nabbing The Kerwin Frost Box.

The meal comes with medium or large fries and drink, and either a Big Mac or 10 pieces of Chicken McNuggets. But most importantly, each meal also comes with a limited edition new buddy designed by the man himself. You’ll want to run not walk, as they’re only around while stocks last.

So just why is everyone so into Kerwin Frost right now? Glad you asked. 

The undeniable cool

28-year-old Kerwin Frost is one of the most important figures to have recently emerged from the New York streetwear scene in the last few decades. Kerwin Frost isn’t just a name; he’s a whole vibe. With his signature blend of humour and creativity, he’s gone from growing up in Harlem’s public housing to becoming a fashion icon; a walking, talking cultural phenomenon. In fact, GQ dubbed him ‘your favourite influencer’s favourite influencer’. Huge.

His career kicked off after forming the Spaghetti Boys, a collective of artists who’ve been dropping collabs with some of the biggest names in the fashion space for more than a decade. He’s been co-signed by Virgil Abloh, and designs by the Spaghetti Boys have been worn by the likes of The Weeknd and Playboy Carti. He even cameoed in the stress-inducing 2019 film, Uncut Gems.

The McNugget Buddies

You’re never too old for McDonald’s, and you’re never too old for a toy. So it’s a grand thing the McNugget Buddies are included in every Kerwin Frost Box. The McNugget Buddies first hit Australia in 1998 as part of a limited run of Happy Meals which featured glow in the dark versions of the cute little things. 

This time around there are six to collect, all inspired by Frost’s upbringing in New York — there’s even a mini Frost amongst the collection. The other five are Waffutu, Uptown Moe, Brrick, Darla, and Don Bernice. Honestly, we want ’em all.

Kerwin Frost Talks 

In 2019, Kerwin launched the first season of his talk show, Kerwin Frost Talks. It’s not your average talk show — this is where some truly massive names in the game come to spill the tea and share a laugh. Tyler, the Creator, A$AP Rocky, and Lil Yachty are just some of many iconic interviews to come out of the show.

The outfits

Kerwin Frost’s fearless originality shines through in his iconic fashion choices. Remember the time he turned up at Paris Fashion Week in a Moncler x Craig Green oversized white puffer ensemble, looking like a human bouncy castle? Or when he accessorised a thrifted grey double-breasted suit with enormous angel wings by designer Luar at the Dior AW 2019 show? What about the time he showed up to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s Christmas party dressed as Santa? The vid is gold btw.

The Kerwin Frost effect

It’s hard to pinpoint, but there’s something about Kerwin Frost that just makes everything he touches turn to gold. Whatever it is, it seems to be contagious. People are drawn to his energy, and before they know it, they’re sporting oversized glasses and mismatched socks, all in the name of fashion.

The laughter

Frost reminds us that it’s truly not that deep. Life is for laughing, and I know that’s very Live Laugh Love of me to say, but maybe that’s truly what it’s all about? Whether he’s interviewing celebs, designing fashion, or just being his quirky self, he always brings a sense of humour to the table. 

In a world that can sometimes feel like a lot, Kerwin Frost’s success is a signal to all young people aspiring to make it in the world of the creative — it’s good to be silly, it’s good to have fun, and most of all, it’s good to be different. After all, why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Image credit: Claudio Lavenia / Getty