Macca’s Is Serving Up Adult Collectable Boxes Designed By Streetwear King Kerwin Frost

Kerwin Frost Box

“No, we have food at home,” was the most heartbreaking thing you could hear as a kid. “Why have you betrayed us like this, father??” You probably thought to yourself, as you started crying in the backseat while pretending you were in a music video.

But good news, we’re adults now, with adult money. Take that birth giver.

If I could steal all the Macca’s kid-me ate all the way back when life was easy, I would. (Sorry little me, but you don’t know how hard it is to get up every day out of your comfy bed and go to work and be a big adult.) You can now heal your inner child with a collectors meal for adults, with a twist. And yes, of course, we want the toy with that…


Mark the 14th of February in your phone’s calendar so you can collect all six McNugget Buddies to trade with your childhood BFFs. If McNugget Buddies sound familiar you’re on the money, as they have time travelled from all the way back in 1988. But this time, they are designed by Tyler, The Creator, SZA and Post Malone’s fave artist, Kerwin Frost.

No really, your idols really do adore him. Dubbed by GQ as ‘Your Favorite Influencer’s Favorite Influencer’, we can see why when he treats the celebs and viewers like friends on his Kerwin Frost Talks series. He first rose to fame in the streetwear community and you can really see how trendy the toys are. But why was he chosen, we hear you asking? Because no matter where he goes, the big M feels like home. BRB, just gonna go cry in the corner. (Gosh we seem to be crying a lot these days, don’t mind us.)

In the box, you can score a medium to large Big Mac or even an 10pc Chicken McNugget Meal with fries and a drink! Not to mention the collector’s item, especially since they’re limited edition. (Which we’re not sharing with our snotty-nosed nieces/nephews, just an FYI.) But when you do pass on, you can leave them to your heir to remind them of the good old days. The Gen Z version of the classic heirloom if you will.

From the mini version of the beloved artist, to Uptown Moe, who has a train tunnel for hands and Waffutu, who has given birth to what looks like a baby nugget. To round out the family, there’s BRRRICK, who has polar bears for feet (not made out of real polar bears obvies), Darla, who is employee of the month, every month and Don Bernice who has a super cool cape. Not to be overdramatic or anything but I NEED them all.

Now if you don’t mind us, we’re gonna go relive our childhood and save up enough work pocket money to buy six Kerwin Frost Boxes at Macca’s. So if you see us camping outside of your local store on the 14th of February, you didn’t see anything. (If you share your toy, we might even save you a spot.)