Macca’s Is Serving Up Adult Happy Meals And My Childhood Is Now Cured

maccas adult happy meal

It was a simpler time, playing with a Happy Meal® toy in your parents’ car, feeling like you’re on top of the world. Luckily for us, who don’t want to be grown ups anymore, Macca’s is releasing Adult Happy Meals®.

Giving you an excuse to revive your childhood with toys designed by streetwear trailblazer Kerwin Frost, who is beloved by Post MaloneSZA and Tyler, The Creator. Dubbed The Kerwin Frost Box, he has travelled through time to bring back the McNugget® Buddies so you can feel like a child again.

The nuggets have escaped out of the box and into the real world, dreaming of what happens after they get dipped into the sweet and sour sauce. No, really, these seven nuggets have personality.

From a “grandma” nugget with a cape called Don Bernice who you can always go to for advice, to “employee of the month” nugget Darla, who’ll make sure the ice cream machine is working for you. There’s even a super cool nugget (no, really, he has polar bears for feet) called Brrrick and a mumma nugget, Waffutu, who gave birth to a baby nugget. Nawww. If you thought we were done, fear not — there’s also a nugget who has a train track for hands called Uptown Moe and of course, the main character himself, Kerwin Frost-nugget.

“But that was only six nuggets, PTV,” I hear you asking. You’re very good with numbers, aren’t you? There are 150 extra golden nuggets across the country, if you’re lucky to snag one. Plus, your nugs even come with a Tuckbox trading card so everyone knows they’re legit. No knock-off nugs here, thank you very much.

But how do I get my hands on these limited-edition collectables? WELL, order a Kerwin Frost Box with your choice of 10 Chicken McNuggets® or a Big Mac®, wash it down with fries and a drink while you check inside to see if you scored a gold nugget. (Which we may steal from you, we’re not gonna lie.)

What are you waiting for? You can grab a Kerwin Frost Box right now, but get in quick as Adult Happy Meals are only available for a limited time. Will you get Don Bernice, Darla, Brrrick, Waffutu, Uptown Moe or the man himself, Kerwin Frost?

Now go grab your adult pocket money so you can be the coolest kid at school/work. And no mum, we’re not sharing with our little siblings. Just make sure the teacher/your boss doesn’t see while you trade them in the lunch room.

Hey Aussie pals, we’ve got all the relevant info for you right here ‘bout the Kerwin Frost Collector Box.