Here’s What Your Oporto Choice Says About You Even Though We All Know Prego Reigns Supreme

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

There are so many personality metrics these days. From astrology to the Myers-Brigg test, we’re all just trying to find our silly little place in this big wide world. 

Whilst you may already know you’re an Aquarius sun with an INFP personality type, I think the best personality test isn’t written down on paper but rather, it’s in the sauce you choose. 

Yes, you heard me. What sauce you choose to pair with your chicken and chips says a number of things about you and we’re going to break ‘em down using the (truly superior) sauces from Oporto


Arguably Oporto’s most famous sauce, the prego girlie is the friend everyone loves. No one can say a bad word about them and their sweet yet tangy personality. Find the prego-lovers sharing their food with you and giving you big sister advice at the same time. 


“We get it!!! You like garlic!!!” People who go for garlic sauce do not give a bloody rats what you think of them. They’ll be wafting that smell everywhere whilst enjoying their now-garlic-infused burger and chips. These people are always ahead of the cultural curve and can tell you where the best new shops and restaurants are.

Lemon & Herb 

Oh, Lemon & Herb. These people are branching out and trying new things but secretly… they love their home comforts. See, you have the classic taste of the herb mayo with the citrusy zest of lemon. It’s like poking your foot over to the wild side whilst still feeling the comfort of what you know. Bless the Lemon & Herb folks because trying new things is hard. We should all have the courage of the Lemon & Herb sauce eater. 

Original Chilli Sauce 

If someone orders the Original Chilli Sauce to add to their flame grilled chicken, chances are that they’re a homebody five days a week, bloody love a puzzle, but fast-forward to the weekend and you’ll find them written off at an underground rave. And that’s the spice of life, baby. 

Extremo Picante

Ooft. Extremo Picante. They’re that one person in the friendship group who takes the joke just a little too far, usually eliciting a stern ‘That’s enough, Daniel’ from the parental mate. But ‘It’s just a joooooke!’. See also: Class clown. 


C’mon. Live a little.