Tokyo Lamington Has Dropped A Full Bush Food Menu Exploring Delish Native Flavours

tokyo lamington native menu

Some delicious news in this morning that isn’t related to Donald Trump finally closing the White House door behind him, the classic and beloved Aussie treat – the lamington – has been made even more Australian by the two masterminds behind Tokyo Lamington (who once haunted the kitchens at N2 Gelato and Black Star Pastry.)

The humble lamington has gotten a bit of a makeover from Min Chai and Eddie Stewart at the Sydney dessert spot, with a limited edition range of fluffy, spongey treats incorporating delicious native ingredients landing on the shop’s cooling racks for the next two weeks.

The lammy lords have teamed up with Melbourne Bushfood to bring a whole host of Aussie flavours to the iconic edible cube, including Davidson plum, Cape York lilly pilly, lemon myrtle, and tongue-tingly pepperberry.

The nine flavours on offer for the limited-run include:

  • OG Native Jam (Cape York lilly pilly jam and vanilla cream, dunked in dark chocolate and rolled in coconut shreds)
  • Finger Lime Meringue (with finger lime and meringue curd, and coated in a torched Italian meringue)
  • Chai & Pepperberry (with vanilla cream, dunked in white choc and rolled in coconut and pepperberry)
  • Strawberry Gum & Cream (featuring a strawberry gum jelly, coated in vanilla sauce and coconut)
  • Lemon Myrtle Lime Bitters (with a lemon myrtle & lime jelly and lemon myrtle coating)
  • Honey & Macadamia (with honey butter and toasted macadamias, dipped in white choc and rolled in coconut and more macadamia)
  • Pepper Leaf & Vanilla (with a vanilla and pepper leaf cream, and slathered in white choc and coconut)
  • Davidson Plum & Chocolate (with a Davidson Plum jam and milk chocolate mousse with cacao nibs, dunked in dark choc and coconut)
  • Black Sesame & Wattle Seed (featuring a black sesame cream, dipped in white choc, and coated in black sesame, wattle seed, and coconut)

If that’s not gotten you all hungry for a mid-morning snack, I don’t know what will.

Each cube of deliciousness will set you back $7 (except for that decadent meringue number, which is $9), so you can pick ‘n mix to your heart’s delight.

Tokyo Lamington is not shy when it comes to experimenting with the classic fave treat – if you know about them, you’ll know they usually incorporate adventurous international flavours into their offerings. This new Native menu includes a bunch of delightful twists and ways to taste the flavours of our own backyards, and it’s only fitting it’s presented in a modern Australian dessert.

The new native menu landed at the Tokyo Lamington store in Haymarket and online this week, and will be on sale until Wednesday, February 4. They’re only available for Sydneysiders this time, so get in quick if you wanna hoof down some of these limited editions flavs.