The World’s New Hottest Chilli Could Literally Kill You, So Who’s Keen

While The Dragon’s Breath sounds like a generic pay-to-play iPhone game, it’s the name of the world’s new hottest chilli. And if that sounds like a challenge, it’s not: scientists are saying it could literally – in the literal sense of the word – kill you from the resulting anaphylactic shock. 

New York’s hottest club will kill you.

At 2.4 million scovilles (the measurement system for heat), The Dragon’s Breath has scorched out the previous title holder, the Carolina Reaper, by almost 1 million scovilles. In layman’s terms, it’s really, really hot – and it was created by accident too. 

It was created by Welsh chef and horitcultural hobbyist John Walsh, who was Nottingham Trent University to make stronger, more resistant plant species. In a ‘two birds, one stone’ situation John was also trying to create something pretty for next week’s Chelsea Flower Show
He’s now entering to take out “Best New Plant”, which feels like a bit of a shoo-in.

It is the Very Hot Plant. (Photo: North Wales Daily Post/TheMirror)

While you definitely cannot eat it, John’s had a little go. He told UK tabloid The Mirror that he put it to the tip of his tongue and it burnt for hours and hours afterwards, intensifying as time went on. Horrifying.
Having said that, there are hopes that the spicy, spicy chilli could be used for medicinal purposes. Since its oils numb the skin, it one day could be used as an alternative to anaesthetic, both for those with allergies and as a cheaper alternative in third-world countries.
Despite the fact this chilli could one day do a lot of good, old Johnny here looks like a scientist horribly confronted by his creation:
 (Photo: North Wales Daily Post/TheMirror)

Or perhaps the whole ‘will kill you’ thing is a ruse, and John just wants to keep The Dragon Breath’s life-altering powers for himself. I imagine it’d look a little something like this:
Source: The Mirror
Photo: The Simpsons/Fox