7 Perfectly Maxo-Relaxo Venues To Soak Up The Vibes This Summer

It’s here, it’s summer. You’ve made it through yet another year and it’s absolutely that time where you can kick your feet up a little more than normal. The days are longer, the sun has a bite to it at 5pm, and there’s still enough light left in the day that you can finish work and go for a dip down the beach if you wanna.

One of the best things about summer months is sitting out of a balmy evening, with some mates and drinks, and just soaking up the sticky, warm air. Wanna know where the best spots are for summery sessions? Let us help ya out there, mate.

El Camino

There’s very little that’s more summery than a Jose Cuervo margarita the size of your own head. Luckily, the team at El Camino Cantina in Sydney can absolutely do that for you. The make weekly special margys as well, usually sticking to a theme or whatever seasonal fruits they can get their hands on.

Alfred & Constance

With a big ol’ deck that stays open late for dinner and dusky drinks, the spot in Queensland‘s Fortitude Valley is perfect for long lunches with a bunch of friends. The team at Alfred & Constance lean in hard on the tiki bar vibe with a gorgeous hanging plant feature and we’re 100% here for that.

Coogee Bay Hotel

Arguably the most summer spot in all of Aus (do not @ me), the Coogee Bay Hotel is a spit away from the beach, and on a blissfully warm day it’s perfect for kicking back with some mates and copping some much-needed vitamin D.

Apollo Bay Hotel

Another pub that’s right on the bloody beach – so close in fact that you could probably duck over for a dip and come back before your mate gets back from the bar – Apollo Bay Hotel is a beaut spot to have a couple of cheeky bevs while scarfing down some fresh seafood.

Stopping here while tripping along the Great Ocean Road is something that is ripped straight out of the quintessential Aussie summer guidebook, I swear it.

Friday’s Riverside

Overlooking Brisbane’s famous brown snake, the Brisbane River, this spot is a chill water-side possie for some delish cocktails and live music, and at night it turns into a lit club full of bangers and a dancefloor waiting to be torn to shreds.

On a sunny day, this is probably one of the best views of Brisvegas that you’re gunna get, so grab a pew and a bev and breathe in the sticky summer air.


The Court Hotel

Perth‘s Court Hotel is a super-fun, LGBTQI-friendly space that has a ‘yuge beer garden, multiple dance floors, and plays host to some of the city’s biggest drag shows.

If you’re wanting to spend the hazy summer afternoon in the sun with a couple of mates before it turns into a packed-out dance floor until late into the night, The Court is your go-to in the western state.


Fitzroy Beer Gardens

Potentially one of the most ridiculous beer gardens in all of Aus – if you disagree, please provide your evidence – is in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

The cocktail jugs and burgers are as big as the outdoor courtyard and tbh I’m extremely here for that.

Honestly, the best place to be on a warm afternoon is in the dappled sunlight with a drink in your hand, some mates on your table, and maybe a dog sitting next to you waiting ever-so-patiently for some table scraps. Bliss.

And if you’re wanting to get yourself into some cheeky margaritas over the warmer months, the Jose Cuervo Margarita Cart will be tripping around to some of the hottest spots in Aus, check out where to grab yourself a delish citrusy marg over HERE.