Starbucks’ Infamous And V. American Pumpkin Spice Latte Returns To Oz Tomorrow

It’s happening, it’s here. The season of the Starbucks drink with a devout cult following is upon us. That’s right you grubby bean fiends, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is kicking off its 2019 run from tomorrow, August 27.

[jwplayer nrkyZ3sm]

After many years of it being a seasonal treat for Americans, who bloody love The Bean™ and also everything to be pumpkin spice flavour in autumn, the PSL finally skipped across the pond to join Australian stores back in 2016, and will return to stores across the country from the moment the doors open on August 27.

Now I’m not sure if they’ll just be bringing over the hot latte version again, but for the last few years Starbucks have also offered up an iced latte/frappuccino version – assumedly because it starts to get stupid hot in Aus from the end of August onwards. I’m not a huge fan of that icy version, the warm spiciness of the OG PSL is tried and true, and just doesn’t translate to a cold coff.

Look, I know this will delight my old housemate who’s from Seattle and took me and our other housemate for our first-ever PSLs last year, so you can bet your sweet ass I’m going to stop in at store on my way to work tomorrow morning for a PSL on almond milk. Thank you very much.

The PSL is (somewhat thankfully) the only thing that we get over here that’s heavy on the pumpkin spice – be thankful that we’re not as rabid about the flav as the US, where there have been sightings of pumpkin spice flavoured condoms, Spam, jelly crystals, Pringles, dog shampoo, and water (???). Hard pass.