Skittles Go Colourless For Pride Month ‘Cos “Only One Rainbow Matters”

Normally you’d associate Pride Month with everything rainbow. Rainbow flags, rainbow body paint, rainbow g-strings riding high up the butts of many across the world. And Skittles, right? Their whole thing is getting folks to “taste the rainbow” isn’t it?

Well the kings at the confectionary kingdom have decided this year to release a very limited edition run of colour-less candy. Yep, they’ve stripped the rainbow out of the delicious buttons of pure sugar and joy, just for Pride Month.
But why are they doing this? Are they monsters? Do they secretly hate rainbows and brightly-coloured lollies? How will I even tell what flavour Skittle I’m eating? IS THIS THE END OF THE WORLD??” I hear you ask. 
Well, kind stranger, I’ll firstly ask you to please leave me alone while I am trying to make my morning coffee, and secondly, it’s actually a clever little nod to the LGBTQI community, acknowledging that the Rainbow Flag is the most important rainbow during Pride Month.
From what we can see, these rainbow-less lollies are technically only available in the UK at Tescos, but you can pick up a packet from Amazon, if you want. Tescos seem to have a pretty solid LGBTQI network, and have confirmed that money from each packet sold will go to LGBTQI initiatives and groups.
Mmm yeah, treaties for sweeties.
Photo: Instagram / @thehealthyherbivore.