Tell Us Yr Cooked Sharehouse Story To Win A Year Supply Of Remedy Kombucha

Ahhh, living with people. The joys, the hells, the questionable smells that nobody takes credit for. It’s a formative affair for pretty much anyone who’s ever lived out of home, and we’ve all had our fair share of dodgy experiences.

Whether it’s scrubbing a four-person house solo, in your pyjamas no less, for six hours just because the rest of your housemates all nicked off without getting rid of their crap (not that I’m speaking from experience, but if you make someone do this, you should not be allowed around people), or even just dealing with that one idiot who’s never paid rent on time in their life. We’ve all had them.

Sharehouse life is not for everyone, but there are defs ways to make that shitty experience feel less like your own personal hell. If your housemates have less culture in them than a couple of dried prunes, get some actual culture into them with a year’s supply of Remedy Kombucha – all for spilling the tea on how dodgy they really are.

Tell us your best tale of woe or hilarious anecdote in 25 words or less for a chance to win a bunch of Remedy and get your housemates into gear.

Win A Years Supply Of Remedy’s Kombucha