Welcome To The Future, You Can Order Pizza Hut Through FB Chat Now

In great news for those of us who are so lazy that even opening a second app on our phones is way too much effort, Pizza Hut has launched a bot that will let punters order pizzy from Facebook Messenger.

[jwplayer DT3cU4a2]

It’s the first time a fast food restaurant has dabbled in the whole automated-chat-bot thing in Australia, and from what we can see, the chatbot is extremely well-versed in the ins and outs of the menu, pinning your location, and allowing you to order a bunch of stuff all in one go. 50 garlic breads? Yes, fucken, please.

The bot lives over at the Pizza Hut Instant Ordering page, which sends you a bunch of prompts as soon as you hit ‘Get Started’ in the chat window. Not sure if it’ll happen for you but I got belted with notifications for free garlic bread (!!!) as soon as the chatbot booted up.


Seriously, it wasn’t hard to pull together a full order of pizzy. You can pay in the chat through Visa and Cybersource (an online credit card payment system) and you can opt for pick up (lol why) and delivery (that’s more like it).

I know this all means that we are inching ever closer to actually being the humans that exist inside the Wall-E universe, but how can you say no to being able to flick from your housemate group chat to a food order without having to search for a secondary app?

I’ve accepted the Eternal Butt Groove future of humanity.