Oporto’s Beloved Bondi Burger Now Comes In Bowl Form If You Don’t Wanna Fill Up On Bread

oporto bondi burger bowl new items

If you’ve ever had a deep craving for the dream Oporto burger (the Bondi burg) but don’t want to have the whole lot fall out the ass because the bun has forsaken you — this news is for you. The delicious fave is now available in bowl form on menus around the country.

Oporto expanded its bowl menu with two new items on Tuesday: a tongue-tingling Bondi burger bowl and a halloumi and avo bowl. We are truly being fed more than Mr Bean’s Christmas turkey dinner with this delish addition, I tell you what.

The new Bondi Bowl takes all the mouthwatering bits of the iconic burger — chicken fillets, lettuce, mayonnaise and that delicious chilli sauce — and mingles it with edamame and kale for an extra green boost.

Meanwhile, the halloumi and avo bowl brings in that squeaky cheese, avocado (duh) and grilled corn on mixed lettuce leaves, edamame and kale salad, and is all topped off with green goddess dressing. If you’re after more of a protein hit (or you’re craving both chook and cheese) you can also add a veggie pattie or chicken to it as well, which I reckon would simply fill me up to bursting.

“Our Bondi Burger for the longest time has been our flagship seller, and we are excited to add a whole new take on the iconic Bondi burger,” Oporto CEO Samantha Bragg said.

“It’s a perfect bowl when you’re looking for a premium option with that famous Oporto chilli kick. The Bondi Bowl is the new salad menu item that’s all the flavour you love from Oporto, just without the buns.”

So if you’re keen for a yum lunch but don’t want to fuss around with buns taking up precious tummy room, you can snag one of these new Oporto bowls for a very tidy $15.95 a pop. Not too bloody bad if you ask me.