Gelato Messina Is Entering Your Sunday Sesh With A Decadent Dulce De Leche Beer

Trying to convince yourself and everyone else that beer is a kind of dessert is now a thing of the past, because the brain geniouses at Gelato Messina have entered into the world of hops and malt, and come out the other side with a god damned gelato beer.

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Messina, the lords of the inner-city frozen treats, have teamed up with Sydney’s Australian Brewery to concoct a devilishly decadent drop, turning the fan fave Dulce De Leche into a ‘gelato ale’, which you can buy tinnies of from December 1 at your local Dan Murphy’s, BWS, and independent grog shops in NSW.

What the fuck is a ‘gelato ale’, you ask? Well, I guess we haven’t ever really seen it before. Messina created a special batch of the sticky, sweet, gooey caramel for the brewing, and the brewers at Australian Brewery did a bit of trial and error, before finally landing on a gelato beer/ale that isn’t too sweet or overwhelming in flavour, so the rich undertones of the dulce de leche can shine through.

gelato beer
GIVVUS. (Image: Supplied.)

It’s malty and a bit fruity, so pretty much the ideal precious bevington to neck when it’s 40º outside and you’re fanging for a crispy boy.

Kegs of the limited edition gelato beer are being tapped at the Royal Albert Hotel in Sydney’s Surry Hills today, so nip down there after work (or even on your lunch break, who cares!) and wet your lips with that Froth Whitlam, because it’s not gonna be around forever.