Late-Night Sydney Institution ‘Mr Crackles’ Is Opening In Melbourne

Melbourne, prepare for your late-night food options to get crunchier, because Sydney post-pub/pre-home institution Mr Crackles is finally opening up in the southern state.

Look, Sydney might have to go to bed at a reasonable hour of 9pm with a cup of warm milk and a lullaby these days, but in the off-chance we find ourselves out past curfew on Oxford St, you better believe a delicious pork roll from Mr Crackles is on the cards.

If you’re not sure how much of a Big Deal this is, our Melb-based news editor Cam Tyeson was so excited that he couldn’t form sentences anymore, instead just yelling in all-caps WHERE WHEN WHERE HOW WHEN?!?!?

Now he’s all riled up and won’t calm down.

While there’s no word where exactly the succulent, life-saving delicacies will be setting up shop, co-founder Sam Horowitz says it took a long time to find the perfect spot to start slinging their tasty rolls.

Since we opened Sydney five years ago we’ve had weekly demands to open a shop in Melbourne. After a year long search we’ve finally found a great location and we cannot wait to fire up the ovens and feed Melbourne with our crispy, juicy pork bellies!

Hell fuck yeah, Melbourne. You’re so close to being like me and wandering down the street at midnight with a giant roll of delicious crisped meats. Try the Mr. Quackles duck roll, thank me later.