Yo Melbourne, Deliveroo Are Slinging Oreo Buddha Bowls For Free Tomorrow

You ever looked at a meal and thought to yourself, well fuck, if I ate that whole thing I would probably vomit and/or die?

No? Well, prepare for all of that to change.

Introducing: the Oreo Buddha Bowl.

This ungodly bowl chockablock fulla choccie biscuits is the brainchild of Melbourne foodie Adam Scarf who runs the viral food Insta @food_porn, and Deliveroo will be giving a select number of these cocoa creations away with orders tomorrow to celebrate World Oreo Day.

The Oreo Buddha Bowl takes everything we know and love about those stupidly smug health bowls and gives ’em a decidedly naughty twist.

The creation has a base of vanilla yoghurt and crushed Oreo biscuit, sprinkled with an array of toppings including chocolate chips, coconut flakes, blueberries, almonds and different types of Oreo. Oooooooooomph.

Melburnites can get their sticky fingies on a free bowl by ordering a meal via House of Brands on Deliveroo Editions tomorrow.

Those in the delivery zone can simply search “Deliveroo Editions” in the app and click ‘House of Brands’ where the Oreo Buddha Bowl will be available to order for the grand total of nada.

There are only a limited amount of bowls on offer so you gotta get in quick if you wanna make yourself sick.